Wednesday, April 18, 2007

About the Conference

The Taos Summer Writers Conference was founded in 1998 by Professor Sharon Oard Warner of the University of New Mexico. Participants from not only all over the United States, but also Canada, Taiwan and West Africa have been inspired by the unique workshops and the serene environment of Taos, New Mexico.

You can learn more at the conference website

Virtual Open Mic - Blog your Original Work

This year we are extending an invitation to our participants to post their work on the Taos Summer Writers Conference blog. While comments are allowed, they will be moderated to avoid spam or other problems, so if you want to respond to a posting please be aware that it might take a little while for your comment to appear.

When posting your original work, please label your post with "virtual open mic" in the"labels for this post" box.

Workshop Journal - Blog Your Taos Experience

This year we would like to encourage our participants to post their thoughts and impressions as they go through their conference experience. If you would like to be part of the blog but have not received an invitation, please send us an email at and ask to be added to the author roll.

When posting to the workshop journal, please add the label "workshop journal" in the "labels for this post" box.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Welcome to the 2007 blog for the Taos Summer Writers Conference. We've already gotten a few questions about last year's travel coordination blog. We will be adding faculty and participants to the author roll over the next few days, and you will receive more information in your welcome packet. Also, we're expanding the blog and adding a few sections this year.

We'd like to invite our participants to live-journal their conference experience. If you'd like to write down some of your thoughts and inspirations at the end of a hard day's workshopping, please put the name of the workshop and, if you like, your name in the title, and add the label "workshop journal" in the "labels for this post" box.

We're also adding a section for participants and faculty to post their work. Title your post and include your name please, and add the label "virtual open mic" in the "labels for this post" box.

Anyone who wants to coordinate travel to Taos should include the label "travel" in the "labels for this post" box.

If you're attending the conference and want to participate in the blog but haven't been added to the author roll please send an email to us at