Sunday, June 03, 2007

and now what?

I managed to cobble together from all my various and asundry essays and stories a "whole draft" albeit with a few holes. I even got it printed out, (167 pages) copied-- double sided and three hole punched-- and mailed out to the participants for the Memoir Master Class at the Taos Writers Conference this July.

I made the deadline.... and as I stood there at Kinkos watching the copy machine spit out pages of my manuscript I cried. I don't know why. Happy tears, sad tears, woulda shoulda coulda tears, if only I had another day tears, am I ready to move into the revision stage tears.... how will my manuscript stack up next to everyone else's tears.... And now what am I gonna do tears.

Well, I have 5 manuscripts to read, several essays and two books. And lord knows what else Greg will have in store for us when we get there.

Truth be told I'm very excited, and looking forward to the critique and the opportunity to continue to work on my craft.... and offer to others insight and critique that is helpful. Although writing is a solitary task, we thrive in community.

34 more days! I better get reading!


  1. You are very brave.

  2. This resonates across many frequencies. Thank you.