Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Memoir Scholarship for 2011 Will Honor Barbara Robinette Moss

On June First, we will invite participants enrolled in menoir and nonfiction classes to apply for a scholarship being offered at this year's conference in memory of Barbara Robinette Moss, a dear friend of the conference. A note about the scholarship, from Founding Director Sharon Warner:

At the 2011 Conference, Barbara Robinette Moss will be with us in spirit if not in fact.   An accomplished visual artist (that's her self-portrait, above) and the author of two acclaimed memoirs—Change Me Into Zeus’s Daughter and fierce—Barb Moss was also a beloved instructor at the Taos Summer Writers’ Conference. 

Word about her beginning memoir workshops-- “fantastic,” “incredible,” “fabulous,” “inspiring,” and “productive”-- traveled quickly from one year’s participants to the next, and she brought her magic to Taos for four sweet years—2006-2009.  Those of us who knew her well were deeply touched by the joy she brought to every experience, by her humor and humanity, and her unwavering will to live.  We knew the extent of her illness and that she grew a bit frailer with each passing year, and, yet, when news of her passing reached us in October of 2009, we were stunned.  How was it possible?  How could someone so full of life be gone?  

Barb’s husband, Duane DeRaad, and members of her 2009 Beginning Memoir Workshop (pictured below), have made it possible to remember her this year with the 2011 Barbara Robinette Moss Scholarship in Memoir.  

 We encourage attendees participating in memoir and nonfiction classes to apply for this one-year award.

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  1. Wouldn't it be wonderful if this scholarship could be awarded each year in Barbara's memory?