Friday, October 07, 2011

Sarah Sentilles Coming to 2012 Conference!

Greetings from Albuquerque!

The fall weather is finally showing up here, and as it does we are getting closer and closer each day to finalizing our lineup of faculty for the 2012 Conference!

In case you haven't checked the website, we've announced the dates: July 15-22. Mark your calenders!

There's lots to be excited about...and we couldn't resist sharing some of that with you before it all gets settled!

 For one, we're super psyched to welcome first time instructor Sarah Sentilles. Sarah's most recent book is a (highly readable, wonderfully thought-provoking) memoir called "Breaking Up With God: A Love Story." She wrote two books before that, has a bachelors from Yale, a Masters in Divinity and Doctorate in Theology from Harvard. In other words, she's super smart and has done a lot of stuff. You can find out more about her and all her writings and accomplishments at her website.

She's also a good friend--they went to Divinity School together--of our beloved Emily Rapp, who plans to come back and teach this year, too!

Stay tuned for details on Sarah's weeklong workshop, Emily's weekend workshop, and lots of other cool happenings for 2012!

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