Monday, November 21, 2011

Publication News Galore! Check out Debra Monroe, Emily Rapp (again) and Sharon!

Greetings, everyone! Happy almost-Thanksgiving Break! We've got lots of new (ish) publications to tell you about today...

First, our very own Conference Founder and Director Sharon Oard Warner has a new story in the Fall issue of Fifth Wednesday Jounal: it's called "Whatever's Good Will Be Gone" and, having had the recent privilege of hearing Sharon read the piece aloud, I can tell you that it is really, really, really good. So: go out and buy that immediately.

While you're at the bookstore, also make sure to pick up a copy of the current Glimmer Train--which features a lengthy interview with Debra Monroe. We all knew Debra was brilliant, but reading this interview will make you realize just how much wisdom this phenomenal woman has: on the subjects of writing and teaching, craft and influences, she is truly spectacular.

And...before you leave, check out the November/December issue of The Bark magazine, where you'll find an essay, called "Kindred Spirits," by the supremely prolific and talented Emily Rapp! The essay deals with her son, Ronan, her beloved dog, Bandit, and a hospice shelter for animals in Santa Fe (called Kindred Spirits).

Once you've gotten all of those, you may leave the store. And then: enjoy your holiday!

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