Thursday, February 02, 2012

Check Out Rob Wilder's New "Daddy Needs A Drink" Column! (And: Register for His Master Class!)

Rob, conferencing with a participant at 2011 Conference
 Thinking about registering for Rob Wilder's master class in memoir? You should be.

We've always known that Rob--whose returned to the Taos Conference for many years now, there would probably be a riot if he didn't--is an extremely talented teacher.

We've always known he's a very gifted writer as well. But in case you needed more proof, here's the latest: the most recent entry in his "Daddy Needs a Drink" column for the Santa Fe Reporter.

It's called "The Same Road Twice," and it's about teaching his teenage daughter to drive. But, of course, it's really about a lot more. Dare you not to tear up.

Nice work, Rob! Can't wait to see you (and Poppy, we hope!) this summer.

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