Monday, March 26, 2012

Publications for Antonya Nelson and Emily Rapp!

Antonya Nelson
Pretty cool publication news to report this week!

You may have heard of a little publication called The New Yorker? Check out the most recent copy, the "Style" issue from March 26th: in it you'll find a story by Taos Instructor Antonya Nelson! Called "Chapter Two," the story centers around an eccentric character called Bergeron Love--but Love's story is told by the narrator, her neighbor.

To access the story itself online you need a subscription, but you can read a Q and A with Antonya here.

Emily Rapp
Meanwhile, Emily Rapp had a new essay published a few days ago on the Huffington Post about the nature of authentic beauty, called "Beauty: What Does It Like?" The essay explores Emily's experience as a mom of a Tay Sachs child, a woman with a disability, and--perhaps most significantly--a woman with a newfound and happy addiction to eyelash extensions!

Congratulations, Emily and Antonya! Everyone else: check 'em out!

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  1. Emily...Sheer and utter courage, and joy, for our own weird beauty, daily sorrows, back to joy... Almaluz