Friday, April 13, 2012

Publication News for Greg Martin and Mark Sundeen!

Two wonderful nonfiction articles are available this week from longtime Taos Instructors Greg Martin and Mark Sundeen.

Greg's got a new essay in the journal Witness. It's about a young girl in New Mexico named Brittany with a rare, musceloskeletal disorder who refused surgery that would sustain her life. The essay is called "Brittany's Choice"--you can read a PDF on Greg's website, or order the journal here.

 Meanwhile, Mark Sundeen--who still has some space available in his Travel Memoir class--has a new essay in the May issue of Outside Magazine. It's called "Why Noah Went to the Woods," and delves in to the (still unsolved) mystery of a Marine who disappeared in the remote Montana wildnerness after three tours in Iraq. Read it here. (And if you haven't picked up a copy of Mark's new book, The Man Who Quit Money, do that too! It's getting rave reviews!)

Both stories are extremely compelling, beautifully written examples of literary journalism.

Check em out! Congrats Greg and Mark! Can't wait to see you both in Taos.

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