Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sharon Oard Warner Teaching Online Novella Class

Founding Director of the Taos Summer Writers' Workshop, Sharon Oard Warner, will be offering the class:
 “Writing (and Reading) the Novella,”  a three-credit graduate workshop offered entirely online.  
This semester-long, three-credit workshop will be part of the curriculum for UNM's new low-residency program, which was introduced at the 2012 Taos Summer Writers' Conference.  Credits earned will count towards an eventual degree, but the class can also be taken for personal enrichment reasons, or just to write a novella in the new year.  
Sharon Oard Warner comments: "I am intrigued by the novella form and by the opportunities it offers to teach plotting and story structure.  In recent months, I have revised and submitted a novella of my own, and in February I’ll be giving a conference presentation on the topic of teaching the novella workshop." 
You can request the tentative syllabus and policies here. This link  takes you to the tuition information at the Bursar’s Office. 
It is necessary to enroll as a non-degree student of UNM to register for the class. Anyone interested in this class should feel free to contact Sharon with questions or in order to get additional information.   

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