Thursday, September 19, 2013

Past Participant Publications - Jay D Roberts

Master class participant, Jay D. Robert's book,  Break the Chains, is now available. Congratulations, Jay!

After the release date, 11/26/13, it will also can be purchased online on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Break the Chains
Transforming Shame into Forgiveness
by Jay D Roberts, MD
If you were abused over and over again, would you become an abuser, or would you learn to forgive? Dr. Jay Roberts had to go to prison to learn the answer.
In 1999 Dr. Roberts was in at-home hospice care preparing for his own death from a neurological disease. At the point where he finally gave up, he experienced a spontaneous, overnight healing. It was not the first time he had 'cheated' death. He had survived a fifty-foot fall from a cliff, a plane crash, and attempts on his life by rebel insurgents in remote areas in the Philippines in the 1970s. This near-death escape was different, though, because it was the culmination of a turbulent, lifelong dialogue with God that started when he was a child being bull-whipped by his alcoholic father. Yet even after his complete recovery from disease, it would take a maximum security prison environment to reveal to him the mysterious power of forgiveness.
In the telling of his fascinating story of extreme abuse, of the compulsion to become a pain and wound-care specialist, of medical school in a third-world country against a dangerous political backdrop, and of his return home to deal with the demons he'd left behind, Dr. Roberts tackles the big questions illuminating physical, mental, and spiritual growth. Break the Chains affirms faith in both God and the human spirit. It is as revealing and inspirational as it is truthful and poignant.
332 pages - $23.99 (paperback)

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