Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Meet the Agents: A Roundtable with Allison Hunter and Alexis Hurley from Inkwell Management

Allison Hunter and Alexis Hurley will lead a roundtable discussion on Wednesday, July 16th at 1 PM at the Sagebrush Inn Conference Center in Taos, NM. This event is free and open to the public.

In this round table, two seasoned Manhattan literary agents will lead a discussion about the basics of agenting and publishing, including what exactly an agent does and how you can find one. Allison and Alexis will discuss the all-important query letters, and will follow with a description of what writers can expect through the submission, negotiation, and publication process. They will also offer an analysis of self publishing and a glimpse into the future of the changing landscape of book publishing.

Want to know more? Allison and Alexis both have a few publishing consultation spots open. Snag one before someone else does!

Alexis Hurley has worked with authors Sister Wendy, Claire LaZebnik, Helen Benedict, Robert Boswell, Sharon Oard Warner, John O’Donohue, Thomas Moore, Pamela Ribon, RO Blechman, Sadhguru, Sarah Miller, Diane Williams, Anna David, Clotaire Rapaille, Mia March, Melissa Senate and more.

Allison Hunter has worked with authors Katie Heaney, Anne Helen Petersen, Megan Mulry, Ryan Winfield, L. Alison Heller, Cynthia Rowley, Emily Matchar, Kelsey Miller, Jen Chaney, Tiffany Beveridge, Anne-Marie Casey, Iris Smyles, Jessica Pan, Rachel Kapelke-Dale, Ina Yalof, Dvora Meyers, Stacy Adimando, chefs Greg and Gabrielle Denton and more.

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