Tuesday, September 02, 2014

WASH by Margaret Wrinkle

Margaret Wrinkle attended the Taos Summer Writers' Conference ten years ago. Of the Conference she says, "My time in Taos was so pivotal. I found my best reader there and the novel I was working on when I came in 2004 was recently published by Grove Atlantic. In a great coincidence, my book deal came through the same week as that of another student in my Taos workshop named Kristen Kittscher, so the Taos connection brought us back together after many years."

Margaret's book, Wash, released in 2013 was deemed "A masterly literary work" by the New York Times Book Review and Wrinkle was named One of Time Magazine’s "21 Female Authors You Should Be Reading." We agree! Congratulations, Margaret, on your great success and thank you for your kind words about the Conference. After all, our goal is to create a nourishing literary community for writers, in which everyone can form lasting relationships and most of all create great work.

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