Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Conference Participant Sandra Ramos O'Briant's Sandoval Sisters' Secret of Old Blood

Congratulations to Sandra Ramos O'Briant on the publication of her novel which she workshopped at the Taos Summer Writers' Conference!

Don't miss her readings at Autry's Sept 15, 2-4 pm and Vromans' on October 7 at 4 pm.

Sandra Ramos O’Briant writes about New Mexican women during the Mexican-American War in

The Sandoval Sisters’ Secret of Old Blood

“No Statue of Liberty ever greeted our arrival in this country...we did not,
in fact, come to the United States at all. The United States came to us.”
Luis Valdez

When Alma flees with her young lover to Texas to escape an arranged marriage with a much older man, she sets in motion a drama that will put the sisters and their legacy at risk. Pilar, a 14-year-old tomboy, is offered as a replacement bride, and what follows is a sensuous courtship and marriage clouded by the curses of her husband’s former lover, Consuelo. She will stop at nothing, even the use of black magic, in her effort to destroy the Sandoval family. The Mexican-American war begins and the Americans invade Santa Fe. The sisters survive the hostilities from two important fronts-New Mexico and Texas. Their money and ancient knowledge offer some protection, but their lives are changed forever.

"This story of love, mysticism and betrayal tests the ultimate boundaries of sisterhood. I loved this brave, lushly written tale of life in old Santa Fe." Jill Smolinski, author of Objects of My Affection and The Next Thing on My List.

The Sandoval Sisters’ Secret of Old Blood

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