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BK Loren - Feb 2013 Release of Animal, Mineral, Radical: A Flock of Essays on Wildlife, Family, and Food

BK Loren is teaching Beginning Memoir at the 2013 Taos Summer Writers' Conference.

Animal, Mineral, Radical: A Flock of Essays on Wildlife, Family, and Food
by BK Loren • Counterpoint Press
ISBN 978-1-61902-073-3 • Publication Date: February 2013 • 6 x 9 • $16.95 • Paperback • 176 pp
Distributed by Publishers Group West • 800-788-3123

New In February 2013
Animal, Mineral, Radical: Essays on Wildlife, Family & Food
by BK Loren

Loren dares readers to follow her as she ventures far beyond the ordinary and experiences the sublime

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“Radical, before it meant a person who advocates strong political reform, meant getting to the root of things, the origin. It comes from the Latin radix, radicis, meaning radish, a root vegetable.” - BK Loren

Animal, Mineral, Radical is a collection of meditative essays on subjects ranging from author BK Loren’s transcendental encounter with a pack of coyotes, her mother’s gradual deterioration from Parkinson’s, to the unexpected way the Loma Prieta earthquake eroded her depression by giving her a sense of her small place in a wild, beautiful world.

Loren has an empathetic and gentle approach to the world that is reflected in her writing. In detailing the intricacies of human relationships and consciousness—fear of death and time, tradition’s beauty even when destructive, a love of language, a sense of loss amid the fast-paced materialistic world—she peels back the film of popular thinking to reveal to herself and her readers secrets few of us ever see.
About the Author
BK Loren attended the Iowa Writer’s Workshop and currently teaches writing at Chatham University’s low-residency program, the Iowa Summer Writing Festival, and other venues throughout North America. She is a winner of the Mary Roberts-Rinehart National Fellowship and the author of the novel Theft. Loren lives with her partner, two dogs, and two cats in Colorado.

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