Thursday, February 10, 2011

New at this Year's Taos Conference: Screenwriting Workshop With Acclaimed Writer Peter Chiarelli!

Over the years we've received numerous suggestions that we include a screenwriting workshop at the Conference in addition to courses in Fiction, Nonfiction and Poetry.

Well, this year we're finally doing it--and we couldn't be more excited about who we've gotten on board as in instructor!

Peter Chiarelli is a Hollywood producer-turned-screenwriter, perhaps best known for penning the Sandra Bullock romantic comedy "The Proposal."

Before turning to screenwriting full time, Peter worked at several big name studios including Dreamworks and Red Wagon Entertainment. Among many other credits, Peter served as Executive Producer for the acclaimed indie film "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh."

Peter will welcome writers of all levels in his weeklong workshop, "Writing for your Audience: A Practical Guide to Screenwriting." Check out the course description below:

Producers, financiers and filmmakers are the people who decide what screenplays are bought and made, so understanding who these people are and what they are looking for is critical to the ultimate success of any screenplay that you write. This course will examine who the players are in the filmmaking process and will explain screenwriting techniques you can use to improve your screenplay's chances of becoming a film. Furthermore, we will demystify "the development process," so you can use it to improve your screenplay on the road to a greenlight. Whether you have a drawer full of screenplays, or are just working on your first, this class aims to be a helpful guide to getting your work into a theater near you.

You can register for Peter's workshop, as well as all our other 2011 offerings, on our website.

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