Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Workshop in Poetry with Margaret Randall--Now Open to All Levels!

 Poet Margaret Randall's Weekend Workshop, formally an advanced class, will now be open to all levels! Take a look at the new course description:

Margaret Randall is now offering a weekend workshop for anyone who ever wanted to write a poem. "Adrienne Rich wrote "Poetry never stood a chance / of standing outside history..." Poets are still arguing about what that means. "A man walks by with a loaf of bread on his shoulder," begins a poem by Peruvian Cesar Vallejo, one of the richest voices in contemporary poetry. This weekend-long workshop will emphasize place and voice, encouraging the development of unique individual voices. It will focus on giving published poets who may be experiencing shifts or questions in their work an opportunity to look at the tension that exists between voice and place, and to use that tension to the poem's benefit. It will also give beginning poets a chance to look critically at their own work, and experience the art of revising engaged in by those who are more advanced. All participants are expected to bring work in progress, and all are expected to critique the work of others—in an atmosphere both nurturing and conducive to making the difficult choices."
You can register for Margaret's workshop, as well as the others still open (have we mentioned how fast registrations are flying in? They are! ) at our website

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