Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Upcoming Book release for Taos Alum Philip Cioffari!

Philip Cioffari was the the D.H. Lawrence fellow at the 2007 Conference.

He recieved that award for his second story collection, "A History of Things Lost or Broken."

His third book, a novel called "Jesusville" is based on material Philip gathered during his attendance at two Taos conferences! The book comes out in May. Check out Cioffari's description of the book below:

When Joshua Farley—a cult figure searching for an hallucinogenic plant rumored to allow the user to see God—disappears under mysterious circumstances, his disciples gather in the New Mexico desert to await his return. But they aren’t the only ones looking for him and the legendary plant. Other desperate people have also made the trek to this remote section of the world: a disillusioned journalist hoping to restore his lost faith; a small-time hood on the lam from the mob; Farley’s disinherited son; a teenage sexpot who claims to be Farley’s mistress; and a gang of mobsters come to even an old score. They meet in a darkly comic, twenty-first century equivalent of Judgment Day.

Congratulations, Philip!

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