Thursday, June 30, 2011

Notice About the New Mexico Forest Fires

We have been receiving calls and emails regarding the forest fires now burning in New Mexico, especially the “Las Conchas Fire” outside of Los Alamos, which is about 60 miles (as the crow flies) southwest of Taos and on the opposite side of the Rio Grande River.

That fire poses no risk to Taos, nor any risk to the main transportation routes to Taos from Colorado, Santa Fe, Arizona, or Texas.  We are confident that the Taos Summer Writers’ Conference will be held as scheduled from July 10 through 17.   

We are monitoring fire developments daily with multiple close friends in Taos, who indicate that some smoke can be observed in the skies above Taos and small to modest amounts are in the ground level air from time to time, depending on wind directions.  They further indicate that activities in Taos continue essentially normally. 

National Forests in New Mexico have been closed to public access because of the extreme dryness this season.  Please realize that there have been extensive forest fires New Mexico in many past summers – thus, this, unfortunately, is not a rare event for us Westerners.

We very much look forward to seeing all of you in Taos on Sunday, July 10th for weeklong workshop participants, and on Friday, July 15th for weekend workshop participants!

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