Monday, May 07, 2007

Colorado Springs?

Hello to all! I'm Sue, moving in the last month from Angel Fire, NM (23 miles from Taos) to Colorado Springs. Rather unexpectedly- never dreamed the house would sell before summer!

I'm a native New Mexican (from age 4) and know all of you from other parts of the country will love Taos. It's beautiful, unique and full of very talented artists.

I'm in Laura Dave's "Beginning your Novel" class and Evelina Zuni Lucero's "So the Story Goes" class. Short stories are my thing, but I am working on a novel. Although I've written all my life, I've only recently taken up fiction and I'm totally addicted.

If anyone has questions on NM in general, or Taos specifically, I'd be happy to answer them. Also, if any of you are in my classes - would love to me here! Sue

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  1. Hi Sue -

    Sounds like your summer is going to be more than busy! Hopefully Taos will be an oasis for you in the middle of all that chaos.