Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hello from Seattle

Hi -

My name is Leisa Ashbaugh. I am from Seattle and am very much looking forward to the conference. My first. It came highly recommended by a friend who has published several books.

I will be in the weekend publishing workshop and the week long Creative Non-fiction. I am planning a bit of an odyssey for myself, leaving Seattle June 30 and wandering my way down to Taos by way of Moab & Sedona. I know, neither of those is on the way to Taos from Seattle, but I have my reasons. = ) If you're lucky, and I have any of the noteworthy adventures I am counting on, I may even share more about that here.

I am working on my first two books, and my goal is to have two solid book proposals complete with sample chapters to bring along with me to the conference.

I look forward to meeting you all there.


  1. Hi Leisa, and welcome! Hope your journey goes well.

    If you do want to write up some of your thoughts along the way, feel free to use the label "virtual open mic" in your post so it will come up as original creative non-fiction in our topics.

  2. I drove in 2005. Stopped in Sedona to meet my mom's high school sweetheart... the story of which has become part of my memoir... The drive was a great way to unwind, see some beautiful countryside and remember that not everywhere in the world is as crowded as Southern Calif!

    have fun! and stay cool... Arizona is toasty this time of year. It was 120+ in the desert when I drove through. Carry water. Just in case.