Saturday, May 05, 2007

Studying with Mueller and Wilder


I've lived in Taos for almost three years, but since I never considered myself a Writer, I never attended this conference. I write for the Taos News on a weekly basis, which is fun, and has allowed me to get acquainted with this quirky and wonderful town. (I realize that even though I've been paid for stringing words together for the last six years, and yet have never considered that writing, is an issue.)

I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden I think of myself as a writer (small w, though.) I'm taking Dan Mueller's narrative weekend workshop, and then will spend the week working on nonfiction with Rob Wilder. I'm torn between focusing on memoir (I've just started a long work about my freshman year in college) and short fiction. Maybe I'll do both, we'll see.

Looking forward to meeting you all.



  1. Hi Deonne,

    It's great to have a Taos resident chiming in. Sounds like you'll have some great ideas for interesting places to go!

  2. a writer is a person who writes :-)