Thursday, May 10, 2007

Reading Essays...

...and liking it. I guess the only essays I've been exposed to are the ones that I hear on Public Radio. Of course, I don't hear much because my husband usually switches to a sports station while mumbling some negative comment about essayists just as I am getting interested. I'm enrolled in Rob Wilder's essay workshop so I dutifully ordered The Best American Essays of 2004 from Amazon. After letting it sit unopened for a while, I started reading and now I can't stop. I was amazed by the range of emotion I experienced while reading Lara Hillenbrand's A Sudden Illness. Envy (Kathryn Chetkovich) was hard to read because I identified too closely. To be honest, I'm not sure why I enrolled in an essay writing class. Maybe it's because novel writing isn't fun anymore. Maybe it's because I'd like to finish something for a change. Or maybe it's because Rob Wilder is so darn cute (ooops). Guess I'd better get busy and try to write an essay. Looking forward to seeing y'all in Taos.


  1. You can always listen online to NPR!
    I especially enjoy the THIS I BELIEVE essays:

  2. I like that hat!! :-)

  3. Hi Brenda -

    Reading Rob's post below makes me think that essay writing workshop is going to be great fun!